How to Create a Strong Password

A lot of what we do on the internet involves creating and remembering a password. As you get older, the things that these passwords protect become more and more important. That is why you should get into good habits when creating passwords.

A good password is

– easy to remember

– does not include any personal information such as your date of birth, pet’s name, address or phone number

– is not a word that is found in the dictionary

– contains 8 characters or more

– is a mix of letters, numbers and symbols

Watch these short films to learn more about secure passwords.

Or Secure Passwords explained by Common Craft

Welcome to ISSH – Grade 7 ICT

This year, we have worked really hard to improve our presentation and storytelling skills. Your final project for Grade 7 will be to produce a short teaser to welcome prospective students to ISSH. Your work could be added to the school website or used on the new student orientation days.

Here is an example of a teaser for YIS. Your final product should look something like this.

<p><a href=”″>2011 YIS Teaser</a> from <a href=””>Yokohama International School</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

To begin your project, you will need to select some people to work with and then consider all of the things that help to make ISSH great. USe to help you to gather and share your ideas. Remember that your purpose is to welcome people to Sacred Heart and to make them feel excited about coming here next year. Your audience is any student or parent who is considering our school for next year. Write a post in your blog that includes your mind map and all of your thoughts about how you will appeal to your audience or achieve your purpose.

Now for the filming. Consider who you would like to interview or film for your project. What would you like to ask them and why? Write an email to that person explaining your project, why you would like to interview them, what you will ask them, where you will publish your work and when you would like to fim them. Please cc me when you email any other student or teacher regarding this project.

Putting it all together

Now that you have gathered all of the footage, it is time to produce your film. Why not try Youtube video editor? You will all be able to access the film and you will be able to work on it at home and at school. Include your final product on your blog with answers to the following questions….

What technology did you use to complete this assignment and why? What worked well and what worked not so well? What do you think you are better at now than you were before? What makes your teaser a success? What would you differently next time?

Why You Should Use Diigo

Diigo stands for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.” It is a way for you to manage, annote, share and collect information. It can be used to simply ‘bookmark’ things but has the potential to transform the way you research.


Reason 1

Diigo provides a free, efficient, effective and reliable way to save and organise your favourite websites, online articles, blog posts, images and other media found online. Check out this link to learn how to bookmark sites with Diigo. Go to

Reason 2

Diigo allows you to highlight and annotate the important parts of any website so that it is easy to find again later. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.37.29 AM

Reason 3

Diigo provides a lists feature that allows you to share carefully selected bookmarked websites with your friends and teachers.

Add a bookmark to Diigo

Reason 4

Diigo allows you to gain access to the ‘collective intelligence’ of the internet. By joining groups of like minded users, you are automatically able to access all of the bookmarks that other members of the group have chosen to save. The many, many users of Diigo all saving to their accounts adds up to a lot of great websites identified, tagged and reviewed – much more than one single person could ever identify in a reasonable timeframe!

Reason 5

Diigo allows you to develop your own professional learning network (PLN).

Diigo Groups

Reason 6

Diigo allows you to access your information from any computer, or even your iPhone or iPad!

ipad diigo

Watch this tutorial to learn everything you need to know about Diigo.


Based on a blog I read from Resource Link called “12 Reasons Teachers Should Use Diigo”

Make your Own Wideo


Watch this short film on how to make your animated wideos and think about trying it out for your next assignment.

WIDEOO REEL ENG NEW LOGO from Agustin Esperon on Vimeo. to Blogger

We are making the move away from because it is not reliable enough. Many of you have had your accounts closed due to lack of activity and it is another username and password for you to manage.

Blogger is powered by Google and you can access it through your Google account. Please use the Google account that the school has given you to create this blog.

The first thing you need to do is save your previous blog and close that account. You can do this by following the steps below.

1. Save your blog as an XML file by signing in to your blog, going to your ‘dashboard’ and clicking on ‘tools’. See the image below for help.

Exporting Blogs

Once you have done that, click on the Export button and select the option to ‘Export all content” and then Download the file like you would any other file. Take note of where you save your file to. You will need to access the same file in a few moments.

XML File

Now, sign in to your ISSH email account (change your password if you have not already) and then go the “More” button on the top menu and select “Blogger”.

Make a blooger account

Follow the prompts to create a Limited Profile Account. You can keep the name of your previous blog if you like, or change it. Just remember not to use your last name in the title or the URL of the blog.

Now to import your XML file that we created earlier. Go to “Settings”, “Other” and then “Blog Tools”. Blogger Import

Select the Import Blog option and follow the prompts.


If you are still not sure what to do, please watch this tutorial for more information.

Now you need to go back to and close your account. It is a good habit to close the things you are no longer using. It helps to minimise the risk of other people accessing your information.

Go back to your ‘Dashboard’ on Click on ‘Tools” and then click on the “Delete Site” Option.

Delete Site

Congratulations! You have now created a safer, more user friendly blog on the Blogger platform and transferred all of your previous posts.

Be a Bountiful Blogger – Grade 5 ICT

What is a Blog?

The word ‘blog’ comes from the combined words web-log, meaning electronic diary. The blog that you are about to create is where you will share your work and reflect on all of the wonderful things you are up to in your life at ISSH. Your teachers will sometimes ask you to write about something in particular but you can always write about anything that interests you. You might like to write about a book that you have read, a movie that you have watched, a recipe you tried or a place that you have visited. This is your space to write about things that interest you. Your blog should include pictures, videos, hyperlinks, music and anything else that you can think of or create.

Widget, Gadget, Plug-in – What do they all mean?

Use this guide to help you to understand the key words commonly used in blogging.

Who can Read my Blog?

It is very important for you to understand that your blog will be open for anyone to see it. That doesn’t mean that everyone will want to read it but be aware that they could if they wanted to. This means that you must always remember the following things:

think b4 u post


Now it is time for your very first post. Write about what you would like your blog to be like. What kinds of things do you think you would like to write about? Who would you like to share your blog with? What guidelines will you have to remember when you are writing? What makes a good blog? How will I try to make my blog interesting?  You can call your first blog ‘My Blog and I’

Here are some blogs that you might like to follow. Please take a look at them and think about which ones you like and why.

Blog Post Number 2. A Review

Choose one of the blogs from the list above. Write a short review explaining what the blog is about, who might enjoy reading the blog and share something that you learned from reading the blog. Create a hyperlink to this blog on your blog so that your readers can easily find it. Call your second blog ‘Check this Blog Out’ 

How can I be an Excellent Blogger?

Search the internet to find 5 top tips to being an excellent blogger. Write them in your third post - How to be an Excellent Blogger’.

Here are some instructions on how to blog on the go. 



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